Stephen Daney

Stephen Daney

Investment Adviser Representative

Poetry, music, and understanding the universe and our place in it have been passions of Stephen’s since elementary school. He also loved football, basketball, and baseball but in 9th grade, a tennis racket fell into his hands and that soon replaced all other sports interests.

He went to Drury University in Springfield, Missouri, on a tennis scholarship but soon was intoxicated by a love of ideas and literature that refocused his attention on the classroom rather than the court. He continued his study of philosophy and literature at the University of Chicago and the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

He later joined the men and women living at Shantivanam, House of Prayer for the Archdiocese of Kansas City founded by well-known author and teacher, Fr. Edward Hays. He also spent 4 months at a Zen Buddhist monastery in Northern California where he deepened his understanding and practice of Buddhism. After his years at Shantivanam, he built a small cabin in the Flint Hills of Kansas and lived as a hermit for 22 months to integrate these experiences.

After his time in the Flint Hills Stephen decided to reenter the world,  marry, and move to Amarillo, Texas, to study with a Zen master and Catholic priest, Patrick Hawk. During this period, he founded and was managing director of North Fork Building and Design, Inc., a design-build firm. He built the first architect authorized Earthship™ in Texas. The Earthship™ is an independent living space utilizing solar technologies and rammed earth construction techniques, designed by Taos Architect Michael Reynolds. Stephen continues to be interested in rethinking the way we design living spaces and in developing solar, wind and sophisticated green building technologies.

In the early 90’s Stephen’s brother had founded a successful small loan business and invited him to help grow the business.  Stephen opened and was the Director of Operations for 9 offices in New Mexico and Arizona. Working with the legislature in both states, he attempted to be a force for positive change in this controversial industry, shaping legislation that would protect more vulnerable customers.  

Throughout this period Stephen worked directly with people struggling with the consequences of poor financial management inspiring him to develop an effective way to empower people to integrate money management with life management in order to make clearer and better money decisions. In 2004 Stephen founded a company that would become The Life Money Center, dedicated to restoring harmony and purpose to people’s lives through effective debt resolution and credit management.

Stephen joined Better Money Decisions as an Investment Adviser Representative in March 2017.


For much of my life, even as I was running multiple businesses, I did not take money very seriously and felt that managing and thinking about money was a waste of time. I somehow felt that you could separate work, life, love and money. As a consequence, I made a number of money decisions that were not in complete alignment with my purpose and values.


Realizing that you cannot separate money and life, I came to appreciate the beauty of good accounting and the incalculable value of taking a little time on a regular basis to be aware of the flow of money in and out of our lives. Doing this has enabled me to make financial decisions that are consistent with my core concerns and aspirations.

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