Bryan Giron

Bryan Giron

Trader and Financial Advisor


As Better Money Decisions’ portfolio analyst, Bryan works closely with Lorraine Ell and Kate Stalter to determine investment allocations, portfolio risk levels and capital gains implications. Bryan’s role at the firm also includes:

  • Analyzing internal portfolio expense ratios
  • Monitoring portfolio performance
  • Developing strategies to minimize sequence-of-returns risk
  • Rebalancing portfolios to maintain pre-determined corridors
  • Evaluating historical risk and return levels to determine allocations

Bryan’s experience in financial services has been guided by his understanding of the complexity of financial decision making, “For most, finance is boring – a necessary evil. I can relate to those concerns and I’m here to help others discover their own money solutions.”

In a previous role as Head of Trading for a hedge fund and investment management firm, Bryan oversaw a $200 million investment advisory platform while performing an integral role servicing clients. Joining B$D, he manages account trading and allocations, working with all members of the firm to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Bryan is also dedicated to helping families and business owners reach their goals using a full array of custom advisory and planning services.

“I like meeting people and helping them understand the importance of not only saving money for the future but spending money wisely now,” says Bryan.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Bryan had an epiphany: “I realized I wanted to understand how money works. I knew nothing. So I decided to study finance.” Bryan earned his BBA in Finance from the University of New Mexico and currently holds his Investment Adviser, series 65, license.

Bryan has won numerous bowling competitions throughout the Southwest and plays with a league in New Mexico. His love of speed has Bryan traveling to attend IMCA racing events during his off time. Having played for the All-State Soccer Team and the US Youth Soccer Regional Team in high school, you might find him on the soccer field, coaching local youth teams.

BRYAN’S WORST MONEY DECISION: Abusing credit card debt. Yes, going on vacation without having to pay for plane tickets is amazing but the unknown expenses once you get there can be disastrous!

BRYAN’S BETTER MONEY DECISION: Investing time and human capital in higher education and personal development despite the cost. College is worth it!


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