Lorraine Ell

Lorraine Ell

CEO and Senior Financial Advisor


Lorraine Ell is the CEO of Better Money Decisions (B$D). As co-owner of B$D, she is excited to continue her long career as an investment professional which started when she worked in the 1980s as an advisor with Drexel, Burnham and Lambert and J.W. Charles and as Co-owner of a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

Author of the book, Bozos, Monsters and Whiz-bangs: Bad advice From Financial Advisors and How to Avoid it!, Lorraine is also frequently quoted in MarketWatch, Investment News, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo Finance, and The Wall Street Journal.

Solving challenging financial problems for clients is Lorraine’s most important role. “Wealth management oversight requires vast knowledge and expertise since every aspect of a person’s life has a financial component. Clients come to me with questions such as how to handle restricted stock, what to do about an annuity they were sold and don’t want, or which way to finance or pay for a new house, car or education. The answers are unique for everyone.”

Her international experiences, from teaching in Saudi Arabia to co-founding a marketing company in Budapest, Hungary, gives her a unique perspective in creating a better financial services firm guiding clients from multiple cultures to financial wellness for life®.

“I want B$D to be responsive to what clients really need and that differs from person to person. Tired clichés and pat answers do not help most people make better decisions.”

Lorraine also lived in Tehran before and during the 1978 and 1979 revolution. “What I learned from that experience is that life can change in an instant. One moment the city streets are bustling with people living their daily lives and then, in a flash, there is chaos. Managing risk is a hallmark of the advice the firm provides.”

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Lorraine has worked in a variety of industries. “I have had a life full of exciting adventures and I now want to help small business owners successfully retire.

You will find her cooking Italian food for friends and family on the weekends and it should come as no surprise that she is a Past Chair of the Albuquerque Committee on Foreign Relations and is a member of a policy group called Wednesday’s Women. She also serves on the advisory council for Assistance League of Albuquerque. She visits her sons and grandchildren at every opportunity.

LORRAINE’S WORST MONEY DECISION: Splitting the rent on an office space with another business owner.  Guess who ended up paying for it all!

LORRAINE’S BETTER MONEY DECISION: Taking a trip around the world after working in Saudi Arabia despite the cost and time. An unforgettable experience!


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