You are finally retired, now what? This is where the bucket list collides with the investment account and retirement income creating the need to make better money decisions. Retirement is the time to enjoy doing the things you have always wanted to do but were too busy working to do them: spend more time with grandchildren, travel the world, play more golf, volunteer to help others, garden, the list is endless. In the early years of retirement, more money is spent on doing and in the later years on health care. You may have heard the stages of retirement as Go Go, Go Slow and No Go and there is some truth in that.


Take too little risk and the savings you have accumulated won’t last but take too much risk and the savings could disappear. Finding the right allocation for your assets will create a portfolio that lets you sleep at night. More research than ever is available 24/7 while TV channels and internet sites that tell you (or shout to you) about how to invest are multiplying rapidly. So who should you listen to and what action should you take? Knowing the difference between speculating and investing is a good place to start. To read more about making better investing decisions, click here.


The weekly, monthly and yearly money decisions you make now are more critical than ever. The money has to last and it is determined by whether you live a lifestyle above your means or below it. When the money from work ends, budgeting becomes increasingly important. One issue is that parents want to continue to help their adult children. It’s a wonderful feeling but is it the best decision? If you indulge your children to the point of losing your independence, how is that helpful? And what affect is it having on the children and their ability to make it in life? Another common problem is the decision to maintain two homes one in the community you live in now and a vacation home. This can be very expensive as the cost of maintain two places and the travel between them increases over the years. Making better budget decisions is never more important than in retirement.

We are here to help at any stage in your financial life. For more information on
our services, click here.

We are here to help at any stage in your financial life. For more information on
our services, click here.

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