Am I Going To Be OK?


You spent a lifetime saving and investing, working hard to plan for your retirement. But is it enough?

The biggest fear most retirees have is that their money will not last. Have you done all you can to prepare for life after work?

Today, due to the increase in longevity, retirees can expect to live into their mid eighties and more.  Planning for a life span to 100 years of age is recommended. Add to that the fact that investing has become increasingly complex and the continuous bombardment of advice from the ever expanding news media makes it even more confusing.

This handbook walks you through 10 simple steps to make your money last. It’s just a start as life happens and change is constant but it will provide a framework to making the right decisions in retirement.

The 10 steps to make your money last in retirement:

1) Start with comprehensive financial planning

2) Monitor your investments

3) Take enough risk

4) Yearly cash flow management

5) Track your spending

6) Be flexible in your spending

7) Downsize

8) Stay healthy

9) Delay taking Social Security as long as possible

10) Understand that you don’t have as much as you think

Get a detailed understanding of how to make your money last now!

Download the 10 Steps To Make Your Money Last In Retirement

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