Financial Wellness for Life®

The world is more complicated today – do you really want to make financial and life decisions alone?

B$D Financial Wellness for Life® is a comprehensive, holistic, wealth management oversight program designed to guide you through the never-ending changes life brings.

What’s Included?


Initial Setup

Enrollment in the program, consolidating accounts at TD Ameritrade Institutional, creating a timeline for the initial 12 months.

Personalized Analysis and Roadmap for your Financial Future

Comprehensive financial analysis and life plan.

Investment Positioning

Portfolio custom designed based on your individual situation to enhance financial success. Includes risk assessment, cash flow needs, evidence based investments.

Investment Management

Rebalancing, monitoring of market conditions, performance reporting and continued analysis.

Cash Flow Management

Structuring income from your investments, creating a monthly paycheck, minimizing sequence of returns risk.

Insurance Review

Evaluate your policies: Homeowner’s, life, health and annuities and recommend improvements.

Quarterly Webcast

Invitation to our quarterly webcast which covers planning and investment topics, including market updates.

Twice Yearly Update and Review

A review of progress and analysis of current conditions and how they impact your financial wellness plan.

Yearly Tax Planning

A review of tax considerations, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) and capital gains and losses.

Personalized Financial Problem Solving and Guidance

Available anytime to discuss specific issues that arise. Selling a house, retirement, return to work, giving money to children–the list is endless.

Estate Planning and Preservation

Defining your legacy and how to ensure its success including a review of estate documents, charitable gifting, and beneficiaries.

Wealthcare Planning

Includes a Financial Caretaking Plan, a Wealthcare Risk Profile and a Proactive Aging Plan.

How Do I Get Started?

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