Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter

CMO and Senior Financial Advisor

You don’t need someone to pick stocks or time the market. Those activities, touted non-stop in the financial media, have absolutely nothing to do with your personal financial goals.

That’s why Kate Stalter founded Better Money Decisions: “People face any number of financial decisions these days. But with the financial media encouraging all kinds of bad behavior – like trying to predict market direction or gambling on what the Federal Reserve might do – the odds are stacked against the person just trying to make good financial decisions for the short and long-term.”

Before becoming a Series 65-licensed advisor several years ago, Kate wrote in-depth market analysis for Investor’s Business Daily. She hosted the Daily Stock Analysis and Market Wrap videos on, and taught Investor’s Business Daily live seminars throughout the country.

She also hosted the Small Cap Roundup radio show on the Tiger Financial News Network, interviewed hundreds of asset managers for the “Daily Guru” feature on, and wrote mutual-fund analyses for

Although she still contributes to Forbes, US News & World Report and TheStreet, Kate’s primary focus is helping clients around the country who face decisions about portfolio allocation, Social Security strategies, insurance needs, estate planning, college funding and all manner of financial questions.

“Although financial decision-making becomes more complicated every year, many people still believe a financial advisor’s value comes from stock picking and timing the market. But that’s not the value. In fact, that’s speculating and gambling – exactly the opposite of good financial decision-making.”

Kate has a fiduciary duty to put clients first. It means being your coach throughout different market and economic cycles and helping you stay on track, even while the TV anchors and magazine writers tell you the world is coming to an end. “Investors continue to be hurt because some TV anchor says it’s time to panic. That TV anchor, meanwhile, has no responsibility for your well-being in retirement – or even if you are able to retire.”

A graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, Kate spends fall Saturdays watching the Fighting Irish on the gridiron. Her MBA alma mater is Northwestern, so she also likes to see the Wildcats win, unless they are playing Notre Dame! She has a houseful of rescued animals, and is trying to get her 5K speed just a tiny bit faster.

KATE’S MONEY MISTAKE: Taking advice from someone who didn’t know how to properly close California limited liability companies – and ended up paying $2,400 in fees!

KATE’S BETTER MONEY DECISION: Opting against a “Pick-A-Payment” mortgage back in 2006. Something didn’t sound right – and those turned out to be horrible products that eventually blew up!

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