Crystal Andrews

Crystal Andrews

Client Service Representative

Crystal Andrews is a client service representative who brings over 20 years of office management experience both in and out of the financial sector.

Her career in the financial sector started at UBS, where she worked in processing and quality control. She built on this experience and spent five years working as the Executive Manager and Trading Assistant at an Investment Broker Dealer in Nashville TN. Now she works as back office support and account-opening specialist at Better Money Decisions.

As a child, Crystal’s family spent 10 years as missionaries in Africa. She watched her parents sell everything they had, even their wedding rings, to dedicate a time of their lives to the service of others. Once her family returned to the United States, her parents were in their early forties and had nothing. Starting from scratch later in life, helped Crystal realize the importance of good money management and professional guidance.

Drawing on this experience, Crystal always strives to meet each client where they are in their financial journey. She is very detailed oriented and knows the importance of organization, prioritization, timelines and flexibility. She believes that effective communication and thoroughness are the keys to getting tasks done correctly.

Crystal is a mother of four, ranging in ages from 18 to 6, including a set of twins. She currently resides in Brentwood, TN. She enjoys camping, volunteering at her children’s schools and spending time with family.

CRYSTAL’S MONEY MISTAKE: Getting a credit card freshman year in college and using it when I didn’t have the money to pay it off at the end of each month and racking up silly debt.

CRYSTAL’S BETTER MONEY DECISION: Making the decision 11 years ago to strive to live debt free. It’s amazing the freedom this brought to our family once it was achieved and what a great example for our children to see the difference it made in all our lives.


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