Erika Yocom

Erika Yocom

Executive Assistant

Erika has 35+ years in the corporate works, and was the Assistant Marketing Manager for a half-billion-dollar money manager in Colorado. She was responsible for online communications, as well as creation of marketing materials.

Working with clients, Erika has come to realize how finances are at the heart of so much in our lives, so strives to make each contact as comfortable as possible.

Technology and software are Erika’s strengths, and she uses those strengths to keep BMDs tech in order. She is also instrumental in creating processes and procedures within the company, to help insure compliance as well as moving everything along the technology spectrum.

When not working, Erika is wrangling a menagerie of pets, from the standard dogs and cats, to chickens, turkeys, lizards, and snakes. One of her favorite things to do to unwind is to watch the chickens run around. Erika finds it hard to stay stressed when watching the crazy antics of her animals.

ERIKA’S MONEY MISTAKE: Not asking for help to understand how money works when younger. It cost a lot of money and stress to correct mistakes. Never make a $1000 vacuum cleaner purchase on your first credit card!

ERIKA’S BETTER MONEY DECISION: Consolidating debt and making more than the minimum payment. It was amazing to see the debt shrink that much faster.


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