Post career careers can happen by choice or necessity. We often hear people in their 80s complain about retiring at 62 thinking they would never live so long. The truth is that Americans are living longer and healthier. Women who are currently age 65 can expect to live on average to 86.6 and men to age 84.3. That’s 20 or so years of retirement! Many live well into their 90s but company’s still set a mandatory retirement at age 65. Are you ready to retire when your company says you should? Some folks have interests they always wanted to try but were too busy working and raising a family to feel secure enough to start their own business or turn a hobby into a business. Post-career careers are on the rise. So much so that even AARP now has a section on their website under Life Reimagined called Careers.

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The Center on Aging and Work, Boston University


A vast majority of Americans fall short in retirement savings and have to decide how to handle their situation. Do you move in with your children and live on Social Security only? Do you have some savings and can live by simplifying your lifestyle? Even those with retirement savings in excess of $1 million may not be able to have all of the same luxuries as they were able to afford when working. An option many are considering is working longer but that may not be available due to poor health or lack of opportunities. Turning a hobby into a small business is worth considering. In the new gig economy there are increasing ways to add to your income; Uber. Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Postmates and Homejoy are just a few ideas. The sooner you realize you haven’t saved enough the better because you can begin to downsize: sell the big house and move to a smaller one, sell a second car or boat and using that money to invest in income producing assets. Reducing spending will make a substantial difference in preserving the investments you do have.

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Saving is a matter of commitment and a mindset that embraces delayed gratification. Some clients who make $60,000 per year save at least 10% and some who make well into the six figures can hardly save at all. So it isn’t a function of the amount of money a person makes. How many famous actors and professional athletes end up declaring bankruptcy despite making millions? Saving needs to become a priority and in doing so you can begin to make the right spending decisions in all aspects of life. Little decisions like looking into your shopping cart at the big box stores before you check out and asking, “Do I really need all this stuff?” or making the commitment to having the maximum contributions automatically deducted from your paycheck and added to your 401K or IRA every year can make a huge difference.

Ten Ways to Get Help Saving for Retirement.

We are here to help at any stage in your financial life. Schedule a free consultation now or for more information on our services, click here.

We are here to help at any stage in your financial life. Schedule a free consultation now or for more information on our services, click here.

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