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Are you sure you can retire?

Introducing the Financial Wellness for Life® Real Time Checkup

The Financial Wellness for Life® Real Time Checkup

Every woman’s retirement dreams are unique.

The typical financial planner gives you a book of charts and graphs, instead of personally addressing your one-of-a-kind situation.

The Financial Wellness for Life® Real Time Checkup is a quick, easy assessment of your retirement fitness.


The Real Time Checkup is tailored for your goals and dreams. If it’s important to you, the Checkup will help you understand how to make it possible.


The old-school planners throw jargon at you. We promise: You won’t feel like you’re reading financial statements. This is all about you and your life.


Just like lowering cholesterol levels or improving performance at the gym, the Checkup will give you tools to track your financial health.

Learn how the Real Time Checkup
can help get you in the best possible shape to retire

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Lea Ann Knight

CFP®, VP Financial Planning and Senior Financial Advisor

Lorraine Ell

CEO and Senior Financial Advisor

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