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Are overwhelmed by the financial industry and don’t know who to trust.


Feel that you’ve been ignored or taken advantage of by the advisory industry.

Feel more confident planning for your retirement.

Here’s exactly what you will discover…

  • How to approach your finances with confidence (even if you’re overwhelmed at the thought)
  • Risk vs. return and how to balance your portfolio
  • How inflation affects how much you’ll need to have saved
  • Tangible ways to manage spending and cash flow, so you have enough money to last
  • Learn who you can trust with your financial future to offer objective, unbiased advice

Better Money Decisions

We are women helping families retire.


Lorraine Ell is the CEO co-owner of Better Money Decisions (B$D) and author of the book, Bozos, Monsters and Whiz-bangs: Bad advice From Financial Advisors and How to Avoid it!

Solving challenging financial problems for clients is Lorraine’s most important role. “Wealth management oversight requires vast knowledge and expertise since every aspect of a person’s life has a financial component. Clients come to me with questions, and the answers are unique for everyone.”

As a co-owner of B$D, Lorraine’s goal is to create a better financial services firm that guides clients to financial wellness for life®.

“I want B$D to be responsive to what clients really need and that differs from person to person. Tired clichés and pat answers do not help most people make better decisions.”

Lea Ann Knight, CFP®, is a co-owner and the Vice President of Financial Planning for Better Money Decisions (B$D). With her background in investing and financial planning, she enjoys working closely with clients to design and implement customized financial plans.

Before joining Better Money Decisions, Lea Ann held various roles across the financial services industry, giving her a well-rounded view on the many confusing choices clients have when it comes to managing their money.

A large part of her focus has been on helping clients through life transitions and empowering families to manage their affairs with greater confidence.

“B$D recognizes that clients need help navigating change. Marriage, divorce, widowhood or retirement can have a profound financial effect on client’s lives. Understanding the whole picture, not just the investment portfolio, is how we approach every client relationship.”

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