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With our advisors’ average experience of 20+ years, we can be your greatest resource in planning for decades to come.

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Lorraine Ell



My 40+ year international career has shown me that tired cliches and pat answers do not help most families make better investment decisions. I’m here to change that by empowering women (and the men who care about them) to manage their financial lives with greater confidence and success.

Lea Ann Knight



Over the past 30 years I have helped women navigate change. Marriage, divorce, widowhood or retirement can have a profound financial and personal effect on one’s life. Understanding the whole picture, not just the investment portfolio, is why I am passionate about working with others.

Susan Koe



I find that every client is unique and I delight in helping people figure out how to make money work for them. Part of that involves taking the time to get to know clients and understand their goals. That’s the reason I became a Certified Financial Planner. I am also passionate about low-cost investing. My 11 years at Vanguard taught me that cost can have a dramatic impact on a client’s long-term returns. Lowering costs gives investors the best chance at meeting their goals.

Carol Bell



For over 13 years I have helped my clients not just as a financial planner and investment manager, but as a financial coach and cheerleader. Since money is such an emotional topic, I think of what I do every day as financial counseling more than just focusing on dollars and cents.

Bryan Giron



As a CFA candidate who has passed Level 1, I enjoy developing client portfolios that match their goals in life. With the right mix of investments, a successful financial future is possible. Rebalancing those portfolios keeps the money aligned with a client’s future.

Kim Creque



Believes that effective communication and thoroughness are the keys to getting tasks done correctly, and always strives to meet each client where they are in their financial journey. 

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