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Carol Bell, CFP®, has been working in the financial industry since 2007 and joined Better Money Decisions as a Senior Advisor after working for Charles Schwab, Inc. and Vanguard. Her undergraduate degree in Psychology is from Arizona State University and she has a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.

“Growing up, my family–like many others out there–did not discuss our finances. Money was a mystery to me until well after I had graduated from college and was out on my own. I remember what it was like to be unsure about making money decisions, and that was what drove me to start educating myself and eventually led me to a career in the investment industry.”

Carol specializes in helping clients understand their investments. She is not just a financial planner and investment manager, but loves her role as a financial coach and cheerleader. “Money is such an emotional topic. I think of what I do every day as financial counseling more than just focusing on dollars and cents.”A native of Arizona, Carol lives in Phoenix with her husband and two children. They spend a lot of family time outdoors- hiking, taking trips in their camper, and visiting national parks. Carol is an avid reader and is always looking for suggestions for new titles to check out!

CAROL’S WORST MONEY DECISION: Feeling pressured and rushed to buy a home in 2005 when the housing market was overheated. I should have followed my instincts, held off, and worked on saving a larger down payment rather than scrambling to buy something that wasn’t really what I wanted. It took a decade to recover the losses on that house when the housing market collapsed in 2008.

CAROL’S BEST MONEY DECISION: Putting my savings on auto-pilot by consistently contributing to my employer’s 401(k)s. Maximizing whatever employer match is offered is free money towards retirement!

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