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Leslie began her finance career in 2003 working in Public Finance with XL Capital Assurance in New York City. Until that point, her formal education leaned towards the Arts and Humanities, but learning the ropes of finance in New York solidified her decision to continue on a financial career path.

Her journey included returning to her hometown of Detroit and spending time as an Insurance Agent licensed for Property & Casualty and Life Insurance.

After relocating to Phoenix, AZ, Leslie joined Smarter Divorce Solutions and earned her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® credential. She found her niche in helping couples get through the financial complexities of divorce in a kinder and gentler manner.

She also noticed a growing need among her clients for financial guidance in many aspects of their newly separate lives. This need lead Leslie to become a Financial Coach and to earn her Investment Advisor, Series 65 license.

“I really enjoy the point where my clients see their plan coming together. Someone facing divorce can start at a scary, hopeless place. Seeing them transition to a place of hopefulness is priceless.”

Leslie has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Advertising, both from Michigan State University.

Her hobbies include reading, singing, volunteering at the Fresh Start Women’s Center and enjoying family time with her husband and son.

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