Better Money Decisions was built on the foundation of superior service and a sincere desire to
help clients make critical decisions as they navigate the transitions into the various stages of their
lives. We put our expertise and vast experience to work for you as your partner throughout the
many decisions that affect your financial life. Every financial decision has an emotional impact and
we appreciate the fact that sometimes emotions can outweigh the dollars and cents. We’ll help
you sort through these decisions, as well.

Depending on your situation, our services for you may be tailored to include:



We design and manage a customized investment portfolio, tailored specifically for your life and your goals. We spend time upfront discussing your unique objectives, and use the science of investing to develop the optimal asset mix for you.

• Initial investment assessment
• Portfolio implementation designed for your risk tolerance and financial goals
• Use of low cost, passively managed funds
• All assets are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional, our custodian
• Mitigate risk and diversify broadly. No expensive stock-picking or risky market timing
• Maintain an index-based approach using funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors
• Daily monitoring of markets and investments, throughout all economic conditions and market cycles
• Rebalancing when appropriate not according to a predetermined calendar
• Coordinate tax strategy with investment implementation
• Accommodate legacy stock holdings or concentrated positions
• Ongoing education about investment strategies through emails, seminars & meetings
• Manage your withdrawal strategy to maximize your income, while minimizing taxes and avoiding potential IRS penalties
• Coordinate your investment portfolio with your other resources, such as Social Security, pensions or bank account savings
• Use of charitable gift and donor advised fund investing when appropriate
• Quarterly performance statements are produced by an independent third party creating checks and balances in our wealth management services


Financial planning provides a guide for a broad range of situations both financial and personal. This is a regular process and is not relegated to a scheduled meeting. Clients contact us throughout the year to discuss planning questions.

• Retirement planning
• Federal Employee Benefit Consulting: Lorraine Ell is the only ChFEBCsm licensed professional in New Mexico
• Estate planning
• Tax strategy reviews
• Social Security advice and strategy
• Active 401K recommendations
• Corporate stock/options strategies
• Real estate holdings advice
• Advice and analysis on the sale of a business
• Loan advice on major purchases, such as vehicles
• Insurance needs review and implementation
• 529 Plans, Education Savings Accounts
• Medicare plan advice
• Twice yearly review
• Planning for elderly parents
• Access to our advice on any financial decisions throughout the year
• Financial consulting during and after divorce


Absolute convenience for you because we handle all the details.

• Quarterly performance reports via mail
• Monthly brokerage statements from the custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional
• Monthly email reports on timely topics
• Client seminars
• 24/7 Internet access to TD Ameritrade Institutional
• Tax reporting and coordination with your CPA
• Implementation of any estate planning recommendations from your attorney
• Accurate and fast completion of any service requests and money transfers
• Processing of any applications, paperwork, and transfers
• Twice-yearly scheduled review of your financial plan, including investments


Lorraine Ell, CEO and Senior Financial Advisor
Kate Stalter, Founder and Chief Investment Officer

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