Am I Investing The Right Way?

If there were a foolproof way to predict market movements ahead of time, wouldn’t everyone be using it?

Today’s investors are fortunate: We have science on our side, whereas our parents and grandparents had to rely on guesses and hunches, based on news reports or stock tips from friends.

Tips and hunches may work out – if you’re lucky. Usually, though, it’s a fool’s errand to guess about market direction or bet on which stocks will go up or down.  Even predictions that are backed by seemingly impressive data go awry.

There is a better way to invest: A model based not on speculation but on the science, derived from decades of empirical research into how markets actually work, and how stocks and bonds actually perform over time.

At Better Money Decisions, we see markets as an ally, not an adversary. Rather than trying to guess what may – or may not – happen in the future, we take an approach based on decades of Nobel Prize-winning research.  

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This research shows how markets compensate investors. Rather than create anxiety over investing, our approach relieves stress and confusion with a clear and empirical approach to wealth management.

Make your investment strategy a source of peace,

rather than anxiety!

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